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The Triangle Hub brings together data, collaboration and apps for the cities of Raleigh and Durham and the towns of Cary and Chapel Hill.

This site serves as the regional platform for navigating your community.

Feel free to add your own app's profile. This can be useful for sharing information about your app, and to collaborate with others.

We Need Your Help

Would you like to participate in forming an online social network and application hub for the Triangle? Come with your ideas!

This meet-up is a way for citizens to get together, share ideas, learn, and soon begin making web and mobile applications that plug into a social networking platform.

The Town of Cary recently launched an open data website to allow anyone to browse over 20 datasets and more are on the way. This makes it possible to create innovative and interesting web and mobile applications which use data like property information, crime data, parks and more.

Code for Cary is a brigade of the national Code for America network and we need your help!

Please join us at our next Code4Cary meet-up to discuss Apps... you can find our latest meet ups at Meetup.com

Join the Triangle Hub Developers group for updates and to collaborate.


We're building apps starting in Cary!

The recipe is:

  1. City Data
  2. An Open City Data Portal
  3. A Community/Social Networking Hub (this site)
  4. App Ideas
  5. Build Apps

To expand to Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, we need help.

Read about our Process and Documentation

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