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This app was developed by volunteers at Code for Cary.


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  • Find and download Durham shape files
  • Review parks data from Town of Cary portal


  • Contests
  • Discussions on a photo/location
  • Promotion


Recent Activity

July 03

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: It's good to see some more photos show up recently... please help! Seeing photos for places you go, and want to go is fun!

2 years ago

November 04

August 24

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: Cary's Jack Smith park is now open at 9725 Penny Road; spray ground, dog park, play area, and more

3 years ago

May 31

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: Take us along Saturday June 4 for American Hiking Society's National Trails Day!

3 years ago

May 27

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: Enjoy Memorial Day weekend and be sure to share your nature sightings!

3 years ago

May 09

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: The Town of Cary Parks, Rec and Cultural Resources is a finalist for the 2016 National Gold Medal Awards for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management, you can read more here

3 years ago

April 26

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: We're taking a look at the features tonight at Code for Cary!

3 years ago

April 25

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings App: Share your photos and we might just feature yours in the app!

3 years ago

April 19

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec Sightings: Share your Earth Day photos in the 'Events' album and inspire others

3 years ago

April 08

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec: Visiting a park this weekend? Share your nature sightings!!

3 years ago

March 29

Matt Rajkowski @Cary Parks & Rec: Follow your favorite places, turn on push notifications in the app, and you'll receive timely updates when things happen.

3 years ago


Take part in a social journey through Cary's parks and facilities. You'll see what Cary has to offer during all four seasons as reported by anyone in the community.

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