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Triangle Hub

  • Cary, NC


This site runs on Concursive ConcourseConnect. Take a look at the overview to learn more about the platform. Some knowledge is helpful.

The Triangle Hub

To plug-in apps, we have to coordinate a few things...

  • Shape Files - to do fun things around geolocation
  • Data sources - preferably OpenDataSoft and similar Open Data portals
  • Data visualizations - to embed in the site and apps
  • Data model effort - to configure this site with the types of objects your app needs
  • Developer API access - so your app can talk to this site
  • Use and find content feeds to integrate with calendars and content

Typical Roles

  • Participant - you have an idea, you want to collaborate, you want to add content to the site, to apps
  • Developer - you want to add new types of data (people, places, things, etc), customize data, customize web page layouts
  • User Experience - You have an eye towards app/web navigation and features
  • User Interface - You are a designer with web page layouts and CSS

To Start Your App On The Hub

  1. Work in the Triangle Hub Developers group to answer your questions about data, loading data, using shape files, and to gain API access.
  2. Create your App on the Apps Page... it won't be visible to anyone at first, but you'll gain an area to host your app's online content and modules for things like photos, videos, activity streams, and more.
  3. Request an API key. You can do this through the Triangle Hub Developers group or the site's contact us. This key allows your app to interact securely with the site, and with the correct application permissions. It's everything your app needs for social interaction.

Good luck and we're looking forward to your app's success!

- Triangle Code for America

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