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April 28

Matt Rajkowski @Triangle Hub Developers: The Cary Public Art app has been released. The scope of the app is to provide information about the public art you see in Cary, and to see a curated list of exhibits and venues around town.

2 years ago • 3 comments

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Mark Greeff @Triangle Hub Developers in reply to Matt Rajkowski: Thanks Matt, will keep an eye out for it in the store

2 years ago

Robert Campbell photo

Robert Campbell @Triangle Hub Developers in reply to Matt Rajkowski: WooHoo Matt! Congrats on the milestone - Playstore link:

2 years ago

June 06

Matt Rajkowski @Triangle Hub Developers: At Triangle's National Day of Civic Hacking, the Durham Property App group (Ron, Omar, and myself) hooked into Durham's Open Data portal. We demonstrated it working and now have a few followup tasks to support Durham data on TriangleHub and in a property app.

3 years ago

May 18

Matt Rajkowski @Triangle Hub Developers: The Durham and Cary open data portals are being used together for each school's profile page.

3 years ago

Matt Rajkowski @Triangle Hub Developers: Triangle Hub will have a sprint at National Civic Day of Hacking –┬ásign up here

3 years ago

April 27

Matt Rajkowski @Triangle Hub Developers: I thought last night's meeting went well. The Github repo was created, and critical feedback on participating here at the Triangle Hub was encouraging.

3 years ago

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